Gary Oldman Named A Film Icon At The Empire Movie Awards

Actor Gary Oldman has been named a film icon at the Empire movie awards.

The star of ‘Dracula’ and ‘JFK’ picked up his award from Colin Firth, who won in the best actor category for his Oscar-winning role in ‘The King’s Speech’, reports a news channel.

"Icon is a lovely word, but Sir is a better word!" Oldman joked backstage at the London ceremony.

Oldman, who recently finished filming ‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy’ - alongside Firth said he had been lucky to have so many iconic roles, most recently his recurring role in the Harry Potter series of films.

"Sirius Black, Sid Vicious, Lee Harvey Oswald, George Smiley - I’ve had a real share," he said.

"I have had 10 years of pedigree fantasy with Potter and the Dark Knight, but it’s nice to come back to something like Tinker, Tailor,” he added.


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Gary Oldman

Colin Firth Decided To Challenge Himself In A Stage Role

Oscar winning actor Colin Firth is planning to team up again with actor Kristin Scott Thomas for Harold Pinter`s `Betrayal`.

This is Firth`s first stage performance in over a decade.

"Colin has wanted to go on stage for a long while. He`ll do `Betrayal` after he completes filming `Gambit` with Cameron Diaz and Alan Rickman," a daily quoted a source as saying.

Firth received the best actor Oscar for his role as stuttering monarch King George VI in `The King`s Speech`.

And now the 50-year-old has decided to challenge himself in a stage role, reports the Mail, Sunday.

Scott Thomas may also appear in `Betrayal`.


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The Jail Conversation Between Paris Hilton And Lil Wayne

Socialite Paris Hilton and rapper Lil Wayne found a common topic to talk about during their interview with Interview Magazine – their time behind bars.

Hilton, 30, took a break from filming her upcoming reality show in L.A. to interview Wayne, 28, in Miami, via phone, and their conversation started off with how they spent their time in jail.

“For me it was okay because it just meant that I was alone with my thoughts,” the New York Daily News quoted Wayne as saying of his one-month stint in solitary confinement, after being caught with an iPod at Rikers Island last year.

“There were times when it was pretty tough to be by yourself, and to have no television, no sort of nothing...I was okay. I did fine,” Wayne, who released an album in jail, said.

Wayne was serving an eight-month sentence after being convicted of criminal possession of a weapon.

Hilton, who served 23 days in prison in 2007 after violating her probation by repeatedly driving on a suspended license and ignoring court orders, empathized.

“I know how you feel. It’s the best feeling in the world when you come out,” she said.


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Paris Hilton

Actress Elizabeth Taylor Funeral Service Photos

Elizabeth Taylor, a two-time Oscar winner and one of Hollywood’s most glamorous superstars, died on Wednesday at the age of 79.



Elton John Has Paid Tribute To Late Elizabeth Taylor

Sir Elton John has paid tribute to late Dame Elizabeth Taylor by dedicating a song to her on stage in Pennsylvania.

John, 64, praised her at his concert in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, just hours after her tragic death, honouring her work as an HIV/AIDS activist and her glittering acting career.

"It is a sad day because today I lost a friend and you lost a hero... She stood up when no one was prepared to stand up and be counted against AIDS," the Daily Star quoted him as telling the crowd.

"God bless you, Elizabeth. God knows how we’re going to replace you. This is for you and your beautiful memory and for all of the people you helped and saved," he added.

He then dedicated his rendition of ’Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me’ to Taylor.


Elton John

Chris Brown Apologized For His Behavior At ABC's Studios

Chris Brown has apologized for his behavior at ABC’s studios. The singer made his apology on the BET talk show 106 and Park.

Brown maintained that he became upset because producers of the show had agreed to a list of "talking points" that he and his team had submitted prior to the interview, none of which included any discussion of his violent relationship with ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

"I felt like, OK, they told us this just so they can get us on the show so they can exploit me. You know, that’s what I thought. I kind of took it very, very hard," Contactmusic quoted him as saying on the show.

" And I kept my composure throughout the interview, although you could see me upset, you know. I kept my composure and did my performances, and when I got back [to the dressing room], I just let off like steam in the back," he said.

However, he added, "I apologize for acting like that."

In response, ABC News released a statement saying, "Chris Brown was invited on Good Morning America to perform and to be interviewed. There were no talking points offered."


Chris Brown

Blake Lively Honoured With Breakthrough Performer Of The Year

’Gossip Girl’ star Blake Lively is set to be honoured with the Breakthrough Performer of the Year award at an upcoming Las Vegas film convention.

Lively, 23, will be recognised as Hollywood’s top emerging talent at the annual CinemaCon convention, hosted by the National Association of Theatre Owners.

"Blake recently captivated audiences and critics around the world with her stunning turn in The Town, and Green Lantern is one of the most anticipated films of the year," the Daily star quoted CinemaCon managing director Mitch Neuhauser as saying.

"We are thrilled to honour such a wonderful young talent," he added.

Her ’Green Lantern’ co-star Ryan Reynolds will be handed CinemaCon’s Male Star of the Year award at the gala in Caesars Palace on March 31, and Cameron Diaz is due to receive the Female Star of the Year prize.


Blake Lively

Lady Gaga Has Been Named US Style Icon

Lady Gaga has been named US style icon by the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

The 24-year-old will be honoured with the style icon award at an event in New York in June, reports

Designer Marc Jacobs has been nominated in the Competitive Womenswear Designer of the Year category and will be honoured with the Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Award.


Lady Gaga

Katie Holmes Created A Fashion Range For Working Mothers

Actress Katie Holmes and her business partner Jeanne Yang have created a fashion range under their banner Holmes & Yang for working mothers.

"Sometimes when life gets really busy and you don`t want to have to think about what it is you`re going to wear, and you just want to have certain pieces that you know you can just depend on - what are those pieces? And so that was kind of our challenge," a website quoted Yang as saying.

"Both of us are working moms, so we`re pretty busy, and, having a line, being moms and then having our careers is quite a lot.

It`s so rare, unfortunately, that I actually know people who are into crafting and doing stuff like that," she added.


Katie Holmes

Kevin Costner Has Been Signed For New Superman Movie

Actor Kevin Costner has been signed for the father role to Clark Kent in the new ‘Superman’ movie.

The Academy Award winner will play Jonathan Kent, who raises Kent as his own son and helps him understand what he is meant to do in the world as Superman.

"Kevin will be able to communicate the quiet strength of this rural American man who raised the greatest super hero of all time," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted director Zack Snyder as saying in a statement.

Costner will act alongside Diane Lane, who will play his wife, Martha, and the film’s star, Henry Cavill, who will play the new Clark Kent in ‘Superman: Man of Steel’.


Kevin Costner

The Surveillance Footage Showing Lindsay Lohan Stealing A Necklace

The surveillance footage showing Lindsay Lohan allegedly stealing a necklace worth 2,500 dollars has apparently been sold.

The jewelry store has reportedly sold the surveillance footage for more than 35,000 dollars to an American TV network, reports the Daily Mail.

CCTV cameras at the store recorded Lohan, 24, trying on the necklace in question, and the footage was expected to be used as evidence against the actress.

But the sale of the footage could undermine the prosecution``s case against the ‘Mean Girls’ star, who is pleading not guilty to the felony grand theft charge.

It has also been claimed that a lawyer representing the jewelry store contacted Lohan``s lawyer, Shawn Holley, last week and asked about obtaining her copy of the CCTV footage in a bid to keep it off the market.

“The jewelry store owner``s lawyer was contacting Shawn Holley and trying to obtain her copy of the video, and also wanted Shawn not show the tape to anyone,” quoted a source as telling the website.

Holley was said to be furious at the move and has played no part in the sale of the tape.



Kylie Minogue Complimented Her Brave Battle With The Cancer

Pop princess Kylie Minogue, who celebrated the five-year, all clear mark of her breast cancer, broke down in tears as recalled the harrowing battle she went through with the disease.

Minogue, 42, opened up, in what is undoubtedly her most raw and candid interview to date, on Australian television program Sunday Night.

The singer spoke about the dark period to her close friend, Molly Meldrum, before the opening night of her Aphrodite tour in Denmark.

Meldrum complimented her on her “brave” battle with the disease, but Minogue corrected him.

“You might have seen the bravery. I don’t think the public saw... well, I stayed indoors. My family got me through really rotten, dark moments,” the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.

Tears welled in hear eyes and she struggled to speak after discussing an encounter with a sick child and their parents in a children’s hospital.

“I was talking to some parents across the other side of a bed and their child was there,” she said.

“I was saying the things that I would normally say in that situation, just making conversation with the child, with the parents, giving them some support as well.

“And then, they really caught me off guard, they just eyeballed me and said, ‘How are you, and we hope you get through it’ and it’s like...” she said as she struggled to find her words.

As Meldrum, who is a legendary music personality in Australia, started to move onto another question, the emotion became too much for Minogue and she apologised and dashed out of the room.

But Minogue quickly returned to the room, eager to explain why the topic had upset her so much.

“The reason that that gets me is, and the greatest part of my job and what I do is the humanity of it, and there’s certain moments where that really cuts through,” she said.

She said that she hadn’t thought about that encounter for some time, and that it stopped her in her tracks.


Kylie Minogue

ET Topped A List Of The Most Emotional Moments In Film History

The teary farewell in the climax of the cult sci-fi hit `ET` has topped a list of the most emotional moments in film history.

The survey had it`s share of celebrity voters and one in three, including The King`s Speech producer Gareth Unwin and comedian Matt Lucas, picked the scene from the 1982 film, reported a daily online.

A scene from `Toy Story 3` in which the toys hold hands and prepare to face their fate in a pit of fire, came second with 16 per cent votes in a survey of 2,000 movie fans by education charity Filmclub and Lovefilm.

Rocky`s big fight scene came third with 15 per cent, while the moment tragedy touches the life of Bambi was fourth with 13.4 per cent.

The moment when besieged cowboys leap out of their bunker all guns blazing in `Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid`, came fifth with 13.2 per cent.

A scene from the Wizard of Oz, when Dorothy opens the door of her grey house onto a world filled with colour came sixth with 3.5 per cent.

Battleship Potemkin was in seventh place (3.3 per cent) with the `Odessa Steps` massacre scene.

`Mr Smith Goes To Washington` gained 2.6 per cent and came eighth with its filibuster scene.

`Network` came ninth with 2.2 per cent for the moment when news anchor Howard Beale announces `I`m as mad as hell`.

Completing the top ten was `Miracle in Milan` which gained 0.12 per cent of votes for the final scene when Toto and his friends rise into the sky on brooms.




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