Reese Witherspoon Engaged With Jim Toth


It looks like Reese Witherspoon is ready to say ’I do’ again. The actress and her Hollywood agent boyfriend Jim Toth are now engaged, reports the Daily Mail."They are engaged and are extremely happy," her representative told Us Weekly.

The couple, who have been dating for almost a year, went public with their romance in March shortly after Witherspoon’s split from Jake Gyllenhaal.

The 34-year-old actress has two children - Ava, 10, and 6-year-old Deacon - with her former husband Ryan Phillippe. The pair split in 2008 after seven years of marriage. According to sources, Toth has ’bonded’ with Witherspoon’s children.

Whispers of an impending engagement began circulating earlier this month after Toth was spotted making the rounds at several high-profile jewellers in Los Angeles, including Harry Winston.

The news follows a string of celebrity engagements over the holiday season, with Natalie Portman, LeAnn Rimes, Lily Allen, Hugh Hefner, Shania Twain and Ginnifer Goodwin all announcing plans to wed.

Pamela Anderson Commercial Rejected In Hong Kong Airport

Cruelty Doesnt Fly

An advertisement featuring a scantily clad Pamela Anderson frisking and stripping travelers has been rejected by Hong Kong airport, animal protection campaigners have said.

The commercial is the latest to be made by the group People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in their long-running campaign against the use of animal furs and skins in fashion.

In it, the former Baywatch star is seen dressed in a revealing airport security guard uniform stopping people and stripping them of leather belts and shoes and fur coats.

The advertisement, titled "Cruelty Doesn’t Fly", also features comedians Steve-O, Andy Dick and Carol Leifer, a pair of nude models and German punk icon Nina Hagen.

PETA had hoped to place the advert on large-screen televisions throughout Hong Kong International Airport over the peak, year-end holiday period when more than 100,000 people a day pass through the airport.

However, JCDecaux, the company that manages the advertising concession at the airport, rejected the advertisement as inappropriate. "Given the groping that you see at security checkpoints and the nudity that you see in body scans, we’re surprised that our light-hearted ad was deemed too risque, PETA Asia vice president Jason Baker said.

PETA said it hoped to place the ad in Berlin, Tokyo and Sydney and in airports in the US, but Hong Kong had been the first to reject it.

This year, an advertisement featuring longtime PETA supporter Anderson in a bikini with her body marked to show cuts of meats, similar to posters seen in butchers, was banned in Montreal.

A Lawsuit Filed Against Natalie Portman's Black Swan


‘Black Swan’ has become embroiled in a lawsuit filed by a New York film production company.Bosses at Overnight LLC are locked in a legal battle with the company`s former president over who won the firm a credit on the new movie.

Executives, led by producer Rick Schwartz, have claimed Aaron Kaufman "misrepresented his knowledge, skill and experience (and) pretended to be knowledgeable about the financing of motion pictures when he was not."

The suit, filed at a court in Manhattan, accuses him of breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and misappropriation of corporate opportunity.

Kaufman has slammed the claims and hit back, alleging Schwartz only received a credit as executive producer on ‘Black Swan’, starring Natalie Portman, because of his help and has vowed to counter-sue over the matter.

"Literally every point is either baseless or shaded to the point of being a lie. Literally there is not almost a single factual thing in the lawsuit, and he goes after me personally, which is libelous," the Daily Star quoted Kaufman as telling Reuters.

Mischa Barton Moving From Britain To The US


Mischa Barton was bullied in school for being an actress.The former child actress believes moving from Britain to the US, when she was just five years old, made her a target to be mocked because she was so different from the other kids, reports femalefirst.

"I think that`s why I grew up so fast and have always been a bit of an outsider," she said.The 24-year-old said she felt insecure as was picked on because she was an actress.

"I still am insecure but young Mischa was terribly insecure. The kids around me at school had realised I was an actress and I started getting teased," she said.

Jay-Z To Receive 1 Million For New Year`S Eve Party


Jay-Z is set to receive USD 1 million for performing at a lavish New Year`s Eve party, with his wife Beyonce Knowles and another celeb couple Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow for company.

The `Empire State of Mind` hitmaker is set to receivethe huge sum to entertain guests at the lavish launch for thenew Cosmopolitan Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, reported Femalefirst.

British band Coldplay are also said to be playing at the USD 4 billion resort, with frontman Martin bringing his own famous guest in the shape of his Hollywood actress wife Paltrow.

Martin will join Jay-Z in the line-up to perform in front of 2,500 partygoers at the 2,995-bedroom hotel.

However, `All the Single Ladies` hitmaker Beyonce, and `Country Strong` star Paltrow, who also sings, won`t be joining their husbands on stage.

Pamela Anderson Had A Unpaid Tax Bill Trouble


Pamela Anderson has been hit with a demand for 120,000-pound unpaid tax bill, according to Californian Authorities.

The Baywatch actress has previously had tax trouble stemming from failure to pay property taxes and income tax on her earnings, reports the Daily Mail.

The latest demand was filed last month before Anderson took up her role as a Genie in the ‘Aladdin’ at the Empire Theatre in Liverpool.

Earlier this year the 43-year-old star settled a tax bill of more than 250,000 pounds.

She was named on an annual list of delinquent taxpayers, which was released in April by Californian authorities.

At the time Anderson denied that she was broke, and said the money would be paid.

“Mistakes may have been made in calculating taxes owed and we are now in the process of ensuring that any taxes owed are paid,” she said.

Anderson’ rep was unavailable for comment.

Tiger Woods Has Upset His Ex-Wife


Golfer Tiger Woods has upset his ex-wife Elin Nordegren after saying he will miss their son Charlie`s second birthday in February.

The 34-year-old disgraced golf hero vowed to be there after he was in sex rehab and unable to attend Charlie`s first birthday party, reports a website.

"That hurt a lot. It was something I will probably regret for the rest of my life. I swear, I`ll never miss another one after that," he had said.

But the golfer is due to play in the Omega Desert Classic in Dubai in six weeks and flies out 24 hours before Charlie`s big day.

A source close to Elin, 30, said: "She is furious that Tiger won`t be there again."

An Interesting List Of Fashion Faux Pas 2010

Pop diva Madonna

Most of them are looked up to as idols for their out-of-the-box dressing styles, but guess the streak of experimenting went a tad further with some international celebrities who wore everything but elegance in 2010.

Talk of faux pas and one couldn`t forget the invincible queen of disaster - Lady Gaga, who wore a meat frock at the MTV awards. If that wasn`t it, she became a fright in white at another award ceremony. has drawn up an interesting list of fashion faux pas:

The tension on the tennis court took an airy turn with a wardrobe malfunction at the French Open that exposed Venus William`s skin-tone shorts revealing much more than she had thought of, as the black lace outfit she designed rode up.

Pop diva Madonna too was hardly in vogue as she shocked her fans by sporting checked harem trousers, biker jacket and boots. American singer Gwen Stefani`s fashion sense went for a toss when she shrouded in a shapeless black outfit - it was more startling because she is a designer herself.

Singer Rihanna got into the superhero mode with a green batwinged jumpsuit, designed by Alexandre Vauthier. A throwback to 1982, the suit perhaps should actually have been thrown back.

Skin show is not a big deal for celebs in the west. And it seems 49-year-old Susan Boyle is desperate to join the gang - the "Britain`s Got Talent" star revealed a little more leg than she probably intended in a short floral skirt.

Singer Cheryl Cole brought back the memories of late pop legend Michael Jackson by getting into a military uniform and leotard combo but at an aerobics class.

Actress-singer Gwyneth Paltrow perhaps was looking for some air bath as she donned a dress that looked as if it had been held together with only strings to be precise.

"Pirates of the Caribbean" star Keira Knightley, who was rated as the second highest paid actress in 2008 by Forbes, seems to be spending less on her wardrobe. She dressed down in what looked like a tablecloth for a movie premiere.

When former "Friends" beauty Jennifer Aniston made an appearance wrapped around an orange-pink Christian Lacroix at the premiere of her movie "Bounty Hunter", it looked like a birthday ribbon frill.

And if you thought you only had the fair sex making errors when it came to dressing, hold on, there`s British comedian Russell Brand to accompany them all. He was clicked tattered trouser and Henti T-shirt with hight boots. After all he has not been voted as Hollywood`s worst-dressed man of 2010 for nothing.

Daniel Craig And Rachel Weisz Have Fueled Rumours


Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz have fueled rumours of their possible romance after they were photographed hand-in-hand during a cozy Christmas break together.

Pictures in the News of the World today show the pair, who star together in ’Dream House’ due to be released next year, laughing and holding hands while away together in Somerset.

Craig and Weisz were pictured bundled up against the cold as they went for a stroll by the 1,000 pounds a week cottage near Yeovil.

According to sources, they left the cozy bolthole on Christmas Eve and headed to the local pub.

"Daniel and Rachel looked like a romantic couple in a film. They were laughing and hanging on to each other’s words and stopping to take photos of each other," the Daily Mail quoted an onlooker as saying.

"They were clinging to each other like honeymooners. The chemistry was obvious," another fellow in the pub added.

They were romantically linked last month after Weisz split from her fiance director Darren Aronofsky.

Bill Clinton Named PETA`S 2010 Person Of The Year

Bill Clinton

Former US President Bill Clinton has been named PETA`S 2010 Person of the Year.People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) applauded Clinton, who was known for gobbling fast food in the Oval Office, for recently adopting veganism.

"Thanks to his new plant-based diet, he`s shed some pounds, decreased his risk of future heart problems and spared the lives of many animals," the New York Daily News quoted the organization as saying in a press release.

Prior to Clinton daughter`s marriage, she asked him to loose some pounds. In September, he had told CNN that he lost 24 pounds only because of his new diet.

"I live on beans, legumes, vegetables, fruit. I drink a protein supplement every morning. No dairy," he had said.

The former president embraced the new diet plan after he was hospitalised for having chest pains in February. He also had a quadruple bypass surgery in 2004.

He said his new food groups were doing a world of good for his health woes.

"I did all this research, and I saw that 82 percent of the people since 1986 who have gone on a plant-based, no dairy, no meat of any kind, no chicken, no turkey-I eat very little fish, once in a while I`ll have a little fish," he said. "If you can do it, 82 percent of people have begun to heal themselves."

PETA also agreed saying, "By choosing a plant-based diet, President Clinton has spared the lives of nearly 200 animals a year and reduced his risk of cancer, strokes, and other diseases."

Shane Warne Is Trying To With Liz Hurley


It seems cricket legend Shane Warne is trying to keep his fledgling romance with Liz Hurley alive.

The 41-year-old Australian cricketer took to his Twitter account after he was accused of two-timing the actress by sending another Australian married woman more than 100 saucy texts.

“The journey of life is about riding the ups/downs,” the Daily Mail quoted him as tweeting.

“We all are childish, immature at times. It``s about how you bounce back when things are tough.”

The star continued: “In life, everyone is happy to judge your actions then comment, sure everyone``s entitled to their opinion.

“But their opinion is not always right,” he added.

Warne and Hurley`s relationship came to light just eight days ago, prompting the model to announce the end of her marriage to Arun Nayer.

Harry Potter Actress Branded A Prostitute

Afshan Azad

A Harry Potter actress was assaulted and branded a `prostitute` by her family after dating a young Hindu man, it has emerged.22- years-old Afshan Azad played Padma Patil, a classmate of the teenage wizard, in the blockbuster Hollywood films based on the children`s books by JK Rowling.

She was beaten, called a `slag` and threatened with death after dating a young Hindu man, a relationship which brought anger from her father, Abul Azad, 53, and brother, Ashraf, 28, Manchester Crown Court heard.The frightened star later fled through her bedroom window after threats were made to kill her.

Both men were charged with making threats to kill her and her brother was also charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm on his sister."The incident took place on Saturday 21 of May at the home address of the family in Longsight, Manchester," the Daily Mail quoted Richard Vardon QC, prosecuting, as telling the court.

"The prosecution allegation in essence is she was the victim of a wholly unnecessary and unpleasant assault by her brother."The reason for the assault, apparently her association with a Hindu young man, that apparently being disapproved of by her family who are Muslim."Specifically she spoke not only of assault but also threats to kill, made jointly by her father and brother," Vardon added.

The prosecutor then gave details of the incident."The father, having been awoken from his slumbers, with his son shouting: "Sort out your daughter! She``s a slag!""He continued to further assault her, in disputed Bengali, shouting, "Just kill her!""The assault continued. There was a discussion where she was being called a prostitute."

The threats to kill her apparently continued, the witness told police in a statement.Reading from the victim`s statement, Vardon added: "My father began saying he would do it, a reference to kill her, as he did not want his sons to have her blood on their hands and he would do time for it."Then she began to feel very scared.

"Having gone to the police in respect of these matters she made a statement to the police on 22nd of May."Part of her version of events was that he was going to force the complainant into a forced marriage of some sort."However, after going to police she "made it plain" to officers and lawyers that she did not want any action taken against her family, or the arrest of her father or brother otherwise it would put her in "genuine danger".

"She came to police for help and support, and the arrest of her family members would not be of assistance," Vardon added.Her brother pleaded guilty to one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm on May 1 this year.Her father agreed to be bound over to keep the peace for 12 months in the sum of 500 pounds.

Gwyneth Paltrow Learning To Play Guitar For Movie Role


Gwyneth Paltrow`s children think she is a singer after she spent last year learning to play guitar for her latest movie role "Country Strong".

"My kids have never seen me in anything. I mean, they know I work but they think I do singing, which is hilarious.

They probably saw me for a year practicing my guitar and singing and they think that`s my job," femalefirst quoted Paltrow as saying.

The Oscar-winning actress is married to "Coldplay" singer Chris Martin and has two children- six-year-old Apple and four-year-old Moses.

Lindsay Lohan Was Being Targeted By A Stalker


Security around Hollywood wild child Lindsay Lohan has been stepped over stalker fears, according to reports.

TMZ reported that the actress feared she was being targeted by a stalker after receiving a string of harassing phone calls and text messages from an unknown number.

Lohan is currently undergoing treatment for drug addiction at the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif.

Betty Ford Center staff has now beefed up security in order to protect the ’Mean Girls’ star following the calls, in which an unidentified person allegedly made disparaging comments about her recovery and her family, reports TMZ.

The anonymous caller also claimed that Lohan was being watched, sources said.

Betty Ford officials responded by moving Lohan to a private facility and limiting her outings, reports the New York Post.

The Best Original Song Nominations For Oscars


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced that 41 songs are in contention for the best original song category award at the 2011 Oscars.

Three of them come from Burlesque, starring Cher and Christina Aguilera, which had its UK premiere this week.

Also featuring on the long list are tracks performed by Gwyneth Paltrow, Janet Jackson and Alanis Morissette.

The eligible songs will be whittled down to a list of no more than five by the time the Academy Award nominations are announced on 25 January, reports the BBC.

The 2011 Oscars will be held on 27 February at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles.

Paltrow - who previously had a singing role in 2000 film Duets - features on two eligible tracks taken from her country music drama, Country Strong.

Lindsay Lohan's Advertisement For Money In Twitter


In a bid to make money, Lindsay Lohan repeatedly posted an advertisement for gift cards on her Twitter account all day on Wednesday.

A spokesman for TaDa, the company behind the link the Mean Girls star tweeted, had no comment on Lohan’s work for the company or how much she was paid.

"We do not work directly with Lindsay, nor have any direct affiliation with her. She belongs to a promotion network, Mylikes, where TaDa publishes its sale content," the Daily Mail quoted Mary Yee, VP of Marketing at Shopzilla Inc, owners of TaDa, as telling website TheWrap.

"Lindsay must have seen our sale today, liked it, and chose to promote it," Yee added. (ANI)

Elizabeth Hurley Praises Her Ex On Twitter

 A day after announcing her separation from Indian entrepreneur Arun Nayar on Twitter, British beauty Elizabeth Hurley took to the website again to shower praises on her ex, amid reports that the lack of a pre-nuptial agreement can make the split messy.

The 45-year-old model-actress who made the announcement after photographs of her kissing Australian cricketer Shane Warne were published by the tabloid News of the World, called Nayar a "great father" to her son Damian.

"Painful, sad days. Arun & I separated for private reasons but FTR he has been a great father to our son Damian & will always be in his life (sic)," tweeted the `Austin Powers` actress.

Damian, eight, whose father is Hollywood producer Steve Bing, is close to the Indian tycoon, who married Hurley in lavish ceremonies in London and Rajasthan in 2007.

Meanwhile, it has been revealed that Hurley could lose a substantial chunk of her USD 21 million fortune to Nayar if they divorce.

According to British media reports, despite Nayar`s reputation as a tycoon, his wealth is believed to be vastly exceeded by Hurley`s.

The couple did not sign a pre-nuptial agreement before their lavish wedding ceremonies and Nayar is devastated by the latest scandal.

Hurley has invested much of her fortune in property. She is the sole owner of the sprawling USD 7 million farmhouse where she and Nayar live in Gloucestershire, and her USD million Chelsea townhouse is still jointly owned by her and her ex-boyfriend Hugh Grant.

Nayar reportedly has no known assets in the UK.

Pamela Anderson To Bid Adieu To The Surgeon`s Knife

Former Playboy model and TV star Pamela Anderson is famed for her surgically enhanced assets but at the age of 43, she has finally decided to bid adieu to the surgeon`s knife.

The blonde beauty who recently grabbed headlines with her stint in the Indian reality TV show `Bigg Boss` says that she is taking ageing in her stride, reported Contactmusic.

"I don`t mind aging. I`ve never been a classical beauty. I`ve always had that Playboy vibe. I don`t want to chase youth. Anyway, I find it chases me," said the `Baywatch` star.

Anderson who also made a brief appearance on the celebrity show `Dancing with the Stars` this March, is sure that she will not go under the knife in the future.

"I`m not against plastic surgery, what I`ve had done will stay with me and that`s fine, but I don`t want anything else.

I`ll do facials but I don`t want to go down the scary route and have knives plunged into me," she said.

Anderson said that she now wants to concentrate on her role as a mother to her two teenaged sons Brandon and Dylan from her ex-husband Tommy Lee.

"I`ve had relationships and things have gone wrong. I definitely have a wild, free-spirited personality that has provided fodder to the tabloids.

Now I love to stay at home with my children," said Anderson.

Martin Scorsese Has Teamed Up With Robert De Niro

Filmmaker Martin Scorsese has teamed up with Robert De Niro after 15 years for his new film ‘The Irishman’.

The director has a long list of box office hits with De Niro like ‘Taxi Driver’ and ‘GoodFellas’. Their last film together was 1995 release ‘Casino’.

The forthcoming movie is based on the Charles Brandt novel "I Heard You Paint Houses, Irishman" and tells the story of union leader Frank Sheeran, who goes on to become a mob assassin, reports a website.

The shooting of the film is likely to begin next year.

The King`S Speech Earned Seven Golden Globe Nominations

Colin Firth starrer British royal drama `The King`s Speech` earned seven Golden Globe nominations Tuesday to lead the race for Hollywood`s second most prestigious annual movie prize.

The film shows how the Duke of York (Firth), a shy man afflicted with a dreadful stammer, goes through unorthodox treatment and finally gives a significant speech on BBC radio when he succeeds his father King George V, as King George VI, before World War I.

Directed by Tom Hooper, it also stars Geoffery Rush, Guy Pearce and Helena Bonham Carter.

Its nominations include acting nods for Firth, Rush and Carter as well as for best screenplay, best original score and best director.

Giving a neck-to-neck run to the movie are David Fincher`s "The Social Network" and Mark Wahlberg starrer "The Fighter" with six nominations apiece.

The Facebook saga earned nods for best film, director, actor, supporting actor, screenplay and original score.

The nominations kicked off the traditional Hollywood award season and also included best drama nods for "Black Swan" and Christopher Nolan`s mind-bending thriller "Inception".

The nominees for the best comedy or musical were Tim Burton`s "Alice in Wonderland", Christina Aguilera`s debut movie "Burlesque", "The Kids Are All Right", Bruce Willis starrer "Red" and Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie starrer "The Tourist".

Depp has been nominated for two trophies in the best comic actor category, one for his role as the Mad Hatter in Burton`s 3D fantasy "Alice in Wonderland" and for his role in "The Tourist".

Other best comic actor nominees are Paul Giamatti for "Barney`s Version", Jake Gyllenhaal for "Love and Other Drugs" and Kevin Spacey for "Casino Jack".

The best comic actress nominees are Annette Bening for "The Kids Are All Right", Anne Hathaway for "Love and Other Drugs", Julianne Moore for "The Kids Are All Right" and Emma Stone for "Easy A".

Oscar-winning Halle Berry has been nominated for the best dramatic actress for her role in "Frankie and Alice". She competes with Nicole Kidman ("Rabbit Hole"), Jennifer Lawrence ("Winter`s Bone"), Natalie Portman ("Black Swan") and Michelle Williams ("Blue Valentine").

The nominees for best actor in a movie drama are Jesse Eisenberg for "The Social Network", Colin Firth for "The King`s Speech", James Franco for "127 Hours", Ryan Gosling for "Blue Valentine" and Mark Wahlberg for "The Fighter".

The race for best TV comedy is between "30 Rock", "The Big Bang Theory", "The Big C", "Glee", "Modern Family" and "Nurse Jackie". The best TV drama nominees are "Mad Men", "Dexter", "Boardwalk Empire", "The Good Wife" and "The Walking Dead".

Nominations in the best foreign language film category are "Beautiful (Mexico, Spain), "The Concert" (France), "The Edge" (Russia), "I Am Love" (Italy), and "In a Better World" (Denmark).

The nominees for best animated feature film are "Despicable Me", "How to Train Your Dragon", "The Illusionist", "Tangled" and "Toy Story 3".

The contenders in the 25 categories were announced by actor Josh Duhamel, Katie Holmes and Blair Underwood together with Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) President Philip Berk at The Beverly Hilton Hotel here.

The 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards will be presented Jan 16, 2011 hosted by Ricky Gervais and will be seen in more than 160 countries.

Miley Cyrus Has Been Receiving Threats Of Violence

The girl who filmed Miley Cyrus' bong smoking video has been receiving threats of violence since the footage went viral.

Anna Oliver has been forced to deactivate her Twitter account after being threatened by angry Cyrus fans.

The video of Cyrus smoking from a bong packed with the hallucinogenic herb salvia hit the web on Saturday (AEST).

"OK, I'm about to lose it now. I'm having a little bit of a bad trip," she said in the video after taking a long hit from the pipe at a party. reported that Oliver has been receiving threats of violence since the video went viral.

Messages sent to her include "What would you do if you met Anna Oliver? - Probably kick her teeth in," and "Anna Oliver.....I Hate You."

"Dear Anna Oliver, I know you want to be a little fame whore, but you're not good at it," read another message. "We hate your guts. Love, Everyone," the Daily Telegraph quoted from a hate message.

Oliver has since deleted her Twitter account.

The video of Cyrus has had the dual effects of renewing the debate about the legality of salvia in California, and increasing sales of the herb in the state.

Kim Kardashian Spotted Partying With Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian took her new romance public when she stepped out with New Jersey Nets basketball player Kris Humphries Friday in New York City.

After checking out Z100’s Jingle Ball concert-featuring Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez and Katy Perry-the pair headed to NYC’s Provocateur lounge, where they were spotted partying until nearly 2 a.m.

Though they tried to avoid being photographed together, the couple was eventually snapped while entering Kardashian’s hotel in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

The reality star and mogul-who split from Halle Berry’s model ex Aubry after a few, intense weeks together-says she’s having "fun" dating.

In fact, Kardashian said she has no preference when it comes to dating an athlete over a model.

"I’d rather date someone with a good heart," quoted her as saying.

Liz Hurley Having An Affair With Cricketer Shane Warne

Liz Hurley

Liz Hurley and her husband have separated, the British actress announced Sunday, as a newspaper reported she has been having an affair with Australia cricket great Shane Warne.

"Not a great day," Hurley told her followers on social networking site Twitter. "For the record, my husband Arun and I separated a few months ago.

"Our close family and friends were aware of this."Hurley, 45, who has an eight-year-old son, Damian, married Indian businessman Arun Nayar three years ago.

Britain`s News of the World tabloid reported Sunday that Hurley had spent two nights with Warne, 41, in his London hotel suite last week.

She had been flirting with him for months via Twitter, it said.

Divorced former leg-spin bowler Warne arrived in Britain on Wednesday to shoot interviews for his new television show, Warnie, the newspaper said.

Previous affairs cost Warne not only his marriage but the vice-captaincy of the Australia Test side in 2000 and the opportunity to become his country`s one-day captain two years later.

Hurley and Nayar married in a civil ceremony at Sudeley Castle in Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, south-west England in 2007 and held a blessing and party at the castle the following night.

They then had traditional Indian wedding celebrations at the Mehrangarh fort in Jodhpur.

Hurley and actor Hugh Grant were one of Britain`s leading celebrity couples in the 1990s before they split after his arrest in 1995 for consorting with a Hollywood prostitute.

Also a model, Hurley was well-known for her daring choice of clothes at various red-carpet events and in 1994 wore a Versace dress held together by safety pins.

An Anti-Drug Campaigner Plans To Use Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus who was caught on camera smoking the hallucinogenic herb salvia, has become the unintentional face of a campaign to ban the drug.

The video of the `Hannah Montana` star giggling uncontrollably after smoking a bong containing salvia was allegedly made at her home near Los Angeles, California, five days after she turned 18 on November 23.

Anthony Adams, an anti-drug campaigner plans to use the example of Cyrus to ask for a ban on the herb, reported TMZ.

"It can make you do incredibly crazy things. Miley is a star and young kids are going to emulate her behavior," said Adams.

Back in 2007, Adams tried to get salvia outlawed and classified as a Schedule I controlled substance, the same as LSD and marijuana.

When the bill was voted down Adams settled for restrictions on selling salvia to minors. It is still legal in California for adults.

After seeing the video of Cyrus smoking the drug, Adams thinks this is the perfect time to bring back his failed bill.

"It`s time for state and federal governments to renew their push toward an outright ban," said Adams.

Lindsay Lohan`s Family Fight Over Child Support Payments


Lindsay Lohan`s family feud is raging again as her parents fight over child support payments as the actress` mother has filed papers demanding her ex-husband pays up.

Dina Lohan has accused her ex-partner Michael of failing to hand over his monthly instalments for Lindsay`s younger siblings Ali, 16, and Cody, 14, just months after the former couple settled a previous child support dispute in court, reports contactmusic.

The Lohan matriarch has lodged a complaint with the Child Support Collection Unit in Nassau County, New York, alleging Michael owes her more than $30,000.

Dina admits she`s furious with her ex-husband for paying child support to a woman in Montana who won a default judgment against him because Michael never opposed her claims he fathered her young daughter.

"It`s completely ridiculous. When I heard that he was paying for this child in Montana, I just had to fight for my kids... This child in Montana gets more than Ali and Cody (get). Lindsay is so upset and disgusted with him. Last year, I went to court on Christmas Eve, and here I am this Christmas, going back to court," said Dina.

Michael Lohan, however, retorted: "I never admitted it was my child. I`m paying to stay out of jail."

Bon Jovi Ranks As The Highest-Grossing Touring Act

Bon Jovi

Since 1986, only two bands have claimed the honor as the top-grossing act twice in three years: the Rolling Stones (1998 and 1999) and the Grateful Dead (1991 and 1993).But this year, another act can claim that title: Bon Jovi.

For the second time in three years, Bon Jovi ranks as the highest-grossing touring act. The band`s achievement, this year and previously in 2008, demonstrates that, remarkably, the group is hitting its touring peak 26 years after releasing its debut album.

Ranking at No. 1 on the year-end Top 25 Tours chart with the Circle trek carries more cachet with the industry than with fans, Jon Bon Jovi acknowledges.

"It`s funny, because there`s obviously a part of you that`s very proud of it," says the singer, calling from Japan following the band`s two sellout shows at the Tokyo Dome. "In the industry it means something; it doesn`t mean anything to the public. But in the industry, all your peers are going to look at it. They`re going to see some kind of year-end charts for everything: albums, singles, touring. It`s a very nice industry asterisk, for sure. U2 are paying attention."

Bon Jovi says fans don`t come to shows because the band is the top touring act. "They come to see it because they`ve seen it before and they`re willing to spend their disposable dollars," he says, adding that the band doesn`t set out to top the Boxscore charts. "You can`t think about it. In order to break records you have to just do it to satisfy the need."

In an ongoing global trek promoted by AEG Live that saw the band play stadiums and arenas, Bon Jovi reported Boxscore grosses for the period of November 20, 2009, through November 28, 2010, of $146,507,388 and attendance of 1,591,154 to 69 sellouts. When Bon Jovi was tops for the year in 2008 with its Lost Highway tour, the trek finished with a gross of $210 million, the 10th-biggest of all time.

"The biggest thing to remember about this tour is that having a great plan executed by an amazing team delivers the results," says band co-manager Paul Korzilius, who has worked Bon Jovi`s tours since the band`s earliest headlining days. "What it comes down to is Bon Jovi has always delivered on the promise of an incredible live show and has always remained current with records and their singles. And the customer, who we love, responds."

The 2010-11 trek is AEG Live`s third outing with Bon Jovi, following the Have a Nice Day tour in 2005-06 and the Lost Highway tour in 2007-08, which grossed a combined $342 million and moved 3 million tickets worldwide, according to Billboard Boxscore.

"I joke with Jon: `Bon Jovi is the gift that keeps on giving to us promoters,` " AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips says. "Bon Jovi is like our U2, that anchor client. A lot of times when a company is on their third tour with an act, it loses some of the sparkle of the first tour in terms of enthusiasm and attention to detail. In this case, it only intensifies. I credit that to the band`s work ethic and to Paul`s ability to work with an organization and get the most out of it. The bottom line is when a band is as loyal to a company as they are to us, we owe that back to them in spades."

The current tour could be considered Bon Jovi`s most ambitious, at least for the modern era, Korzilius says. "But Bon Jovi got to where they are by great music performed live, and that has meant touring, touring, touring on a worldwide basis since the beginning," he says.

Bon Jovi agrees that the tour might be the band`s most ambitious in a while, at least in terms of its length and scope. "Lost Highway was, I believe, a 100-show tour, and we`d gotten accustomed to that 100-show kind of a run," he says. "This will probably be 140 shows all told, so it is a bit ambitious. But when Paul and I sat with the calendar, it`s paced in a way that`s very doable."

The basic routing of the Circle tour began with a pair of dates on February 19 and 20 at KeyArena in Seattle, followed by runs through North America, Spain and Holland-and a 12-night stand at the O2 Arena in London that grossed more than $18 million. Then it was back home in July to finish a four-sellout stand at the New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., that, combined with the run`s first three shows in May, took in more than $21 million and drew 200,000-plus fans.

The band played North American stadiums this summer, then headed to Mexico and Latin America for a box-office-busting fall run. Following promotion of the release of the new "Greatest Hits" album on Island Records in November, Bon Jovi resumed touring in Japan, Australia and New Zealand before a holiday break.

While the run has evolved from the Circle tour to the Greatest Hits tour, the same production will ramp up again in North America in February through April 15, then head for stadiums in Europe May 15-July 15.

The band and its management recognized the challenge of launching a tour of such breadth in uncertain economic times.

"We`re aware of it," Bon Jovi says. "We were aware of it in the routing, and we were aware of it last night in the stadium. People don`t have that kind of disposable income in the middle of the week, a school night, a work night. Ticket prices are what they are, unemployment is high over here as well. We were aware of all of those factors, but this is where it had to fit, so we were willing to sacrifice a couple of things for the opportunity to come."

Anne Hathaway And James Franco To Hosts Oscar

Anne Hathaway and James Franco

Actors Anne Hathaway and James Franco have reportedly been chosen as hosts for the 83rd Academy Awards.An official announcement could be happening later on Tuesday morning, reports.

Hathaway, who was seen with Jake Gyllenhaal in recent release Love and Other Drugs, was nominated for an Oscar in the best actress category for her work in Rachel Getting Married and she even performed a song and dance routine at the show two years ago with then host Hugh Jackman.

Franco, known for roles in TV show General Hospital and his recently released book of short stories Palo Alto, is likely to be nominated for an Oscar this year for his work in director Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours.

The awards ceremony will take place Feb 27.

Sarah Jessica Parker Have Bought A 21 Million Townhouse

Sarah Jessica Parker

’Sex and the City’ star Sarah Jessica Parker and husband Matthew Broderick have bought a $ 21 million townhouse in the Big Apple.

The 45-year-old actress, who has three children- James, eight, and 17-month-old twins, Tabitha and Marion- with Broderick, will be moving out of her current home in the West Village area of the city to 88, Central Park West.

The new home, former residence of philanthropist Laurie Tisch, features a 32-foot long living room, eight bedrooms, five bathrooms and five "half" bathrooms, the New York Observer reported.

In addition, there are two walk-in wardrobes in the master bedroom of the property, which has seen its price drop by $ 3.5 million since August.

After a long search to find a different New York home by Parker and Broderick, the purchase of the new house is believed to be complete.

Earlier this year, they were believed to have their eyes on a huge $ 24 million townhouse as well as a penthouse on 54, Bond Street.

They were also reportedly keen about Madonna’s old home in Central Park West, but since the co-operative board of the building were angry about the ’Celebration’ singer’s constant noisy construction, things did not work out.

Sean Penn Walk The Red Carpet With Bollywood Actor

Sean Penn

Hrithik Roshan will be possibly rubbing shoulders with the two times Academy award winner, Sean Penn as they walk the red carpet together at the International Dubai Film Festival.

The actor would otherwise be shooting with Zoya Akhtar for her film Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara on that day but he is hoping that she would let him off for a day for the big event.

Hrithik Roshan is said to be very excited about this unique opportunity and is hoping against hope that Zoya will be kind enough to let him go.

Kanye West's Named Rolling Stone's Best Album

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Kanye West’s fifth studio album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ has been named by Rolling Stone magazine as the year’s best album.

The recording, released Nov 22, has already sold over 500,000 copies, but came out too late for inclusion in the Grammy award nominations which were announced last week.

Second on the list was the album ‘Brothers’ by the Ohio-based blues-rock duo The Black Keys, while Elton John and Leon Russell took the third spot for their collaboration, ‘The Union’.

Montreal-based collective Arcade Fire’s ‘The Suburbs’ snagged the fourth spot on the list, while Nashville bluesman Jamey Johnson took fifth with ‘The Guitar Song’.

Christina Aguilera Naughty Costumes Pics Leaked


A series of pics featuring Christina Aguilera in various naughty costumes have been leaked on the net.

The Dirty singer and her reps are fuming after a series of sexy shots featuring the star hit the Internet this week.

The singer’s rep said that the racy pictures were never meant to be seen by the public.

“The photos of Christina Aguilera being leaked to the press were illegally obtained by a hacker who tapped into Christina’s personal stylist’s account,” the Daily Telegraph quoted Aguilera’s rep as telling Us

“The photos were taken in the privacy of Ms. Aguilera’s home and were used only in a personal exchange between the star and her stylist,” the rep added.

The pictures, which feature the 29-year-old posing in several skin-revealing ensembles, were reportedly taken before Aguilera announced her split from husband Jordan Bratman. (ANI)

Will.I.Am Has Said US President Barack Obama Is Stressed


Vocalist for the Black Eyed Peas, rapper Will.I.Am has said US president Barack Obama is “stressed” over his crumbling popularity among Americans.

But the singer was vocal in his backing for the president saying he only tried to make things better.

“I saw him three months ago. Went to visit him at the White House, he was stressed. It’s sad that people don’t realise he’s not the one that caused this.

He was the one who said, ‘Let me take a crack at fixing this’,” femalefirst quoted Will.I.Am as saying.

He urged Americans to back their president, insisting the financial meltdown is “worse” than the terror attacks of 9/11.

“You would think that, if the country was in a shambles, the Democrats and the Republicans would pull together. Immature, isn’t it? There are no jobs in America and it’s getting worse. Bad as 9/11 was,” he said.

The rapper said the present situation was worse than the terror attacks since it is dividing the country.

“This is worse because the terror isn’t about airplanes through buildings, the terror is people not being able to unite, the Divided States of America,” he said.

Willow Smith Can Really Whip Her Way To No 1


Even though, Willow is now ten, her ‘Whip My Hair’ has received much better acceptance than that of Osmond in 1972. In fact, the fans find her number much peppier than Osmond’s then ‘X-Mas NO 1′.

Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s daughter is doing wonders across the world and has recently been signed JAY-Z’s label Roc Nation.

If we consider other upcoming launches, then we have late Michael Jackson and Akon’s duet ‘Hold My Hand’ from the album ‘Michael’ but it cannot be expected to reach even in top ten.

There have been a lotof doubts about it so we can’t expect a very good response for this.

However, Willow has tough competition ahead from American hip hop group ‘Black Eyed Peas’, which has been applauded a lot for its performance at the reality show ‘X-Factor’ at the weekend.

So, let’s wait and watch if Willow can really whip her way to No 1 at such an early age!

Emma Stone Role In Marc Webb's New Spider-Man Film

Emma Stone Role

Actress Emma Stone is nervous about her role in Marc Webb’s new Spider-Man film.

The Easy A actress will star in the film opposite Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man’s primary love interest, Gwen Stacy.

’The way I have to approach it, and I think Andrew (Garfield) would agree, is just like any other movie. I’ll probably feel different when we start to do press,’ showbizspy quoted her as saying.

’The approach I’m trying to take so I won’t psych myself out is to approach it like anything else, put the same amount of work in, and don’t worry so much,’ she added.

Movie Review: Natalie Portman In Black Swan


Movie: Black Swan

Director: Darren Aronofsky

Cast: Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Vincent Cassel, Barbara Hershey

Black Swan is at once gorgeous and gloriously nutso, a trippy, twisted fantasy that delights and disturbs in equal measure.

Darren Aronofsky takes the same stripped-down fascination with, and appreciation for, the minutiae of preparation that he brought to his Oscar-nominated The Wrestler — the best film of 2008, according to yours truly — and applies it to the pursuit of a different kind of artistry: ballet. All the intimate, behind-the-scenes moments are there, the matter-of-fact glimpses of the tricks that go into the performance as well as the toll this demanding activity takes on the body.

But then the director mixes in a wildly hallucinatory flair as Black Swan enters darker psychological territory. Working with his frequent cinematographer, Matthew Libatique, and incorporating some dazzling visual effects, Aronofsky spins a nightmare scenario within a seemingly gentle, pristine world. The camera swoops and swoons, making us feel as off-kilter as the film’s tormented heroine. The visions and dreams soar seriously over-the-top at times, but always knowingly so, and with great style; Black Swan wallows in its grandiosity, and if you’re willing to go along with it, you’ll find yourself wowed by one of the best films of the year.

Natalie Portman gives it her all, physically and mentally, in a brave and demanding performance as Nina, a driven New York City ballerina who has zero life outside of dance. Portman had studied ballet growing up, but Black Swan required a grueling regimen of training five hours a day, everyday, for 10 months before production even began.

Innocently enduring a sheltered existence with her smothering mother, Erica (a deeply creepy Barbara Hershey), a former ballet dancer herself now living vicariously through her daughter, Nina is stuck in a state of arrested development. She’s immensely talented and dedicated but still a child inside, as evidenced by the fluffy stuffed bunnies that populate her girly-pink bedroom, and the way her mommy still tucks her in at night.

When it comes time to stage a bold, new production of Swan Lake, the company’s artistic director (a skeevy and manipulative Vincent Cassel) thinks Nina is perfect to play the White Swan. But he needs a dancer who also can portray the fierce sexuality of the Black Swan. Enter Lily (Mila Kunis), a savvy and confident newcomer who represents Nina’s biggest threat to getting the lead role. So yes, the script from Mark Heyman and Andres Heinz and John McLaughlin does have its obvious influences — The Red Shoes, The Turning Point and All About Eve among them — and yet Black Swan emerges as a fascinating entity all its own.

Nina snags the part, with Lily as her understudy. The two women don’t exactly become friends but achieve a sort of competitive symbiosis; the deeper Nina gets into rehearsals, the more she sees Lily in her mind, both as a frightening force and as the kind of woman she’d like to be. The fact that Portman and Kunis resemble each other in features and stature greatly enhances this effect — and yes, the hotly anticipated love scene between the two is indeed hot.

But Nina also sees her body transforming, morphing grotesquely as she finds both the white and black swans within herself, with the romantic but rough ballet costumes from the fashion designers known as Rodarte almost becoming an extension of her body. Or does she? By blending realism with fantastical elements, Aronofsky continuously keeps us guessing as to what’s actually happening and what’s a figment of Nina’s imagination.

One thing’s for certain, though: Black Swan will leave you feeling stunned as you leave the theater. And humming Tchaikovsky.

Black Swan, a Fox Searchlight release, is rated R for strong sexual content, disturbing violent images, language and some drug use.

Running time: 110 minutes

Rating: Three and a half stars out of four

Johnny Depp Doesn't Have A Mobile Phone

Johnny Depp

The 47-year-old actor - who has children Lily, 11 and Jack, eight with French singer-and-actress Vanessa Paradis - likes to maintain a low profile and so doesn’t have a mobile phone, but does keep the internet because he thinks it is an "interesting" way to communicate.

He said: "We have internet and stuff like that because I think that’s the safest form, well, most interesting form of communication.

"I just don’t like phones, I just don’t like them. Being reachable all the time."

Asked how a friend would be able to get in touch with him should they need to, he told Access Hollywood: "You’d have to know how to just buzz me on the internet or something."

Johnny’s ’The Tourist’ co-star Angelina Jolie - who raises six children with long-term partner Brad Pitt - recently revealed neither she nor Johnny and Vanessa are particularly social, despite being Hollywood royalty.

She said: "We’re both not that social. I don’t think either one of us goes out of our house, especially in France. We’re both locked away."

Brad Pitt Agreed To Voice Megamind For His Kids

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt has revealed that he agreed to voice a character in the animation film "Megamind" for his kids.

The Oscar-nominated actor gave the voice of the character "Metro Man" in the new animation movie, which also includes actors like Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill and Tina Fey.

"This one is for my boys. We watch more animated movies than probably any family in this world, in-fact, I couldn`t tell you any contemporary movies that are going on now.

I only know the animated films," femalefirst quoted Pitt as saying.

The actor admits that it`s animated movies that are a hit with his kids and that was a huge influence on taking on the film.

Ben Affleck Has Turned Down An Superman Offer

Ben Affleck

Hollywood actor-turned-director Ben Affleck has turned down an offer to helm the new ‘Superman’ film.Affleck says he didn`t want to take on such a big film so early in his directional career.

The father-of-two won accolades for his recent work on ‘The Town’ but feels experienced movie mogul Chris Nolan — the brains behind Inception — is a better choice.

“The one benefit of having done all kinds of movies as an actor is you learn the pros and cons of being tempted to do a really big movie because it costs a lot of money.

With Superman, I think they`re going to do a great version. Chris Nolan is brilliant and they`ve got a great director for it,” the Sun quoted the ‘Pearl Harbor’ star as saying.

However, Affleck didn`t rule out taking on a big budget flick in the future.

“I’d love to do something like Blade Runner, but a lesson I`ve learned is to not look at movies based on budget, how much they`ll spend on effects or where they will shoot.

Story is what`s important. Also, there are a lot of guys ahead of me on the list to do epic effects movies,” he concluded.

Angelina Jolie Is Too Busy To Think About Another Child


Angelina Jolie has ruled out expanding her brood with partner Brad Pitt as she feels their six kids need more attention and care before they welcome another member to their family.

The `Salt` star, who shares three adopted and three biological children with Pitt, insisted she is too busy to think about another child, Contactmusic reported.

On being asked if she is keen for more kids, the 35-year-old actress said, "No, I think it`s very important to give our children the individual attention they need now before expanding our family."

"You try to feel them, because at different times, different children need you, you must find the time to listen to them. Brad and I are also really lucky because between the two of us, we can spread the attention around," she added.

Wesley Snipes Serving A 3 Year Jail Term For Tax Evasion


Wesley Snipes has been ordered to begin serving a three-year jail term for tax evasion. He has been asked to surrender at a federal prison in the US state of Pennsylvania.

The ‘Blade’ star was asked to report to a prison in Lewis Run on December 9, reports the BBC.Snipes was convicted in 2008 for failing to file tax returns.

The 48-year-old actor had last week asked a judge to let him remain free on bail while he appeals to the US Supreme Court to overturn his conviction.

Snipes appealed to a court in Atlanta in the US state of Georgia after being found guilty by a jury in Florida. But the court upheld the conviction and sentence.

At the time of his conviction in April 2008, prosecutors said Snipes had earned more than 37million dollars in gross income between 1999 and 2004, but had not filed tax returns or paid any federal taxes.

Oprah Winfrey Plans Another Popular Book Club


Oprah Winfrey plans another pick for her popular book club.Harpo Productions said Tuesday that current Oprah`s Book Club author Jonathan Franzen will appear on Monday`s episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show.

" Winfrey chose Franzen`s latest book "Freedom" in September as the first selection for the 25th and final season of her talk show.

On that same episode, Winfrey will announce her next book club pick. The new selection comes about 11 weeks after Winfrey chose "Freedom."

Since 2008, she has averaged one or two selections a year. Winfrey`s book club choices have vaulted to the best-seller list and given authors instant fame.

Winfrey has said she plans to move her book club with her to cable`s Oprah Winfrey Network, which will launch Jan. 1.


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