Singer Usher To Be The New Michael Jackson


Usher has revealed that he is under pressure to be the new Michael Jackson but insists he``s ready to take the challenge.

The `Pop Ya Collar`` singer says he feels there is something missing in the music world following the `Thriller` star`s tragic death last June but he is happy to fulfill the void.

"You know, we lost Michael Jackson. A lot of pressure is on me and I don``t mind taking it," a website quoted him as saying.

In a bid to become like Jackson, Usher is planning a spectacular tour next year and says it`s something the `King of Pop` himself would have been proud of.

"I wanted to make sure that you get that type of experience that leaves you saying, `OMG`,” he told the Daily Star newspaper.

“The impression that I would like to leave is that this guy is really stepping it up to a level where people can hopefully compare me to people like Michael Jackson.

"I basically tear myself apart emotionally, energetically, connecting with you and making sure that you enjoy this moment," he said.

Jackson died of acute Propofol intoxication aged 50 in June 2009, just days before he was due to start a historic 50-night residency at London``s O2 Arena.

I`M Definitely Going To Be On Stage-Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle

Scottish singer Susan Boyle is set to star in a musical that will chronicle her rise to fame.

The ‘Britain`s Got Talent’ star has revealed that she is in the final stages of planning the show.

"I`m definitely going to be on stage. I`d rather do that than having to sit watching people up there looking like me," a website quoted Boyle as saying.

"I want to be doing the music parts, so I`ll be coming in and out of the show. I`m looking forward to doing some live work. It`ll be really nice to see so many of the people who have supported me in person," she added.

Boyle, 49, who came from a poverty stricken background and lived alone with her pet cat, rose to limelight last year as a contestant on talent hunt show ‘Britain`s Got Talent’.

Even though she didn`t win the contest, her powerful voice and plain appearance made her popular among judges as well as the audiences.

Jack Nicholson Pulled A Gun On Leonardo Dicaprio

The Departed

Jack Nicholson pulled a gun on co-star Leonardo DiCaprio to bring the edge in a scene of `The Departed`, reveals director Martin Scorsese.

"The first thing Jack did was sniff the glass and say, ``I smell a rat``.. And then he pulled a gun on him,"

the New York Post quoted Scorsese as telling told Richard Schickel for his upcoming book, ``Conversations With Scorsese.``

"He didn`t tell me he had a gun. It was great... we took a lot out, but Leo``s reaction is real-time.

"I still get chills, when Nicholson says, ``I smell a rat.`` It`s so real to me," he said.

George Clooney`s Darkest Role In The American


Director Anton Corbijn admits that George Clooney`s role in "The American" is the ever played by the actor.

"George was into the role, which surprised me. Maybe it`s because he`s never played such a dark character.

Perhaps in `Michael Clayton` or `Syriana` he was unsympathetic, but he`s never been this harsh or unappealing," contactmusic quoted Corbijn as saying.

"It was fabulous for me that he was able to go that dark. He does so much with so little. He was ideal," Corbijn added.

Clooney played the role of an assassin in the film.

WikiLeaks Rrevealed Obama's Administration Secret


Disclosures by the secret web site WikiLeaks have revealed that the Obama administration and its representatives in various foreign capitals described French President Nicholas Sarkozy as an “Emperor without clothes”, Iran`s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as `Hitler` and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin as an

“Alpha Dog”.The disclosures, which have left Washington red-faced and in fire-fighting mode, also reveal a strong criticism of Britain’s military operations in Afghanistan; attack both then opposition leader David Cameron and British Prime Minister Gordon Brown;

highlight American requests for specific intelligence on individual MPs; links between the Russian government and organised crime and the deep concern in Washington and London over the security of Pakistan`s nuclear weapons programme

According to the Daily Mail, President Barack Obama is revealed in one damaging cable as having `no feelings for Europe` and preferring to `look East rather than West`.

The cables also reveal experts informing about repeated private calls from King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia for the United States to attack Iran to destroy its nuclear programme and `cut off the head of the snake` risked destablising the Middle East.

The new WikiLeaks release is set to put strain on the `special` relationship that the United States shares with leaders of the world.


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