John Mayer quitting Twitter

Singer John Mayer has turned his back on 3.7 million fans by quitting the microblogging site Twitter.

"The musician has taken the decision to close down his page because his Battle Studies tour has now come to an end," quoted a source as saying.

Mayer, who released his latest album Battle Studies in November 2009, has been an avid user of the microbloging site in the past year, posting regular accounts of his everyday life. However, he has now decided to pull the plug, disappointing his legion of 3.7 million followers.

Allen feels like an elephant

Singer Lily Allen is worried about losing her post-pregnancy weight, and says she feels as fat as an elephant these days.

The Smile hitmaker is concerned about shedding the pounds after she gives birth to her first child, reports

"I still think I'm fat. Right now I'm worrying about how I'm going to lose weight after the pregnancy. I feel like an elephant, but I do get the occasional sexy pregnant day where I think I look great," said Allen.

The 25-year-old star wants to settle down with her boyfriend, painter Sam Cooper, but is too busy focusing on her pregnancy and new fashion store Lucy in Disguise.

"Of course I want to get married, but having a baby with someone is way more important and we're both really excited. The idea was to get Lucy up and running and then get pregnant but it all happened at once," said Allen, who is on a sabbatical from her pop career.

"I can't say this isn't terrifying because I'm taking a massive risk. I'm turning away from something and focusing on Sam, my baby and my business, but that's what I want," she added

Bieber trying to stay single

Teen pop star Justin Bieber is trying to stay single and is happy staying away from dating.

The Baby hitmaker has become an object of desire for millions of young female fans around the world, and is regularly mobbed when out in public. But despite the huge choice of ladies, Bieber is happy staying away from the dating game, reports

"I'm single. I'm kind of looking, but I'm kind of trying to stay single... My mom didn't even want me dating, but that kind of didn't work," he said.

Kim Is pregnant?

Socialite Kim Kardashian has fuelled speculation that she is in the family way after she was spotted buying pregnancy kits with her mother.

She picked up three Clearblue tests (pregnancy test device). I did a double-take, as I couldn't believe it was her," quoted eyewitness Caroline Bell as saying. 

The 29-year-old has also given up skin-tight dresses for loose fitting clothes.

An insider said: "Kim has swapped her trademark skintight dresses for a lot of loose fitting tops and even ponchos. And the timing seems almost perfect as the socialite plans to celebrates her 30th birthday next month

She recently said, 'I always had a vision that I would be married with at least one kid by 30...I never thought I would have a baby without being married, but you never know.

Pop star Britney Spears control of her estate again

Pop star Britney Spears, who suffered from a public meltdown in 2007 due to personal reasons, could be in charge of her own estate again by the end of the year.Spears' personal and professional affairs were controlled by her father Jamie Spears all these years.

Lawyers involved in the case believe the singer is "more than ready" to take control of her financial matters again.

"Everyone involved believes she has the necessary proof that she is competent to be in charge of her affairs. She's more than ready," quoted a source as saying.


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